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About Bonville Organic

Our beautiful journey.

  • 2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Getting a nice cuppa tea was so difficult with so many adulterated teas in the market. So we thought, why not go in search for some good tea. We liked some, we didn't like some. But the ones that we liked, we thought of sharing with the world!

  • 2012

    Bonville Organic is Born

    What started as a hunt for good tea, also started as a community for people yearning for the same taste. Bonville Organic was started officially.

  • 2012

    We Go Global

    We didn't want geographies to bind us. We want to give the world more of what we taste. Bonville Organic starts shipping to hundreds of customers across the world.

  • 2015


    10000 happy smiles the world over.

  • The Journey
    Join Us!


Here is what our customers have to say.

Tina Farina

Oolong tea customer

I had never tasted anything other than black tea and green tea until I happened to know Bonville Organic. I have purchased a lot of tea varities from them but Oolong is by far my favorite tea :)

James Barette

Our bulk order customer

It all started with a canister of tea. I tasted it. My family and friends tasted it. Now it is so popular that I sell tea bought from Bonville Organic. Happy customer. Happy business man.

Hurley Ash

Tea Critic

The first drink of my day has to be special and I am very particular about it. I am glad to say that Bonville Organic is one of my favorites.